Diego ~ the sexy romantic ~ a Valentine's Day Letter to Aubrey

Aubrey, Roses are red, violets are blue…mierda, see what you’ve done to me? For you, chava, I’m a goddamn poet. For you, I’ll be anything you want me to be so long as you’re by my side. When I think of the events that shaped our relationship: from the first time we fucked and the damn bed broke, to the time in my Mexico City apartment when you got off on reading from that filthy, dirty Spanish phrase book, and even when you showed up at the most unlikely of places, so beautiful, so unaware of the danger surrounding you, my world stopped in those moments. My world always spins around yet slows to land on you. I know life with me tends to be a bit “explosive” (snicker/wink). That my work keeps

Exclusive Sneak Peek ~ Hayden and Luciana's Story

Excerpt from Hayden and Luciana's story...coming soon ​ Hayden makes a noise next to me. It's subtle yet loud enough I pick up on it. I gasp at the sight of his brown contact-in-place eyes, bright and brimming with desire. A flash of interest, enough to give me hope. I haven't misread this thing between us. He is interested in, whether he's ready for me or not. Catching himself, he turns away. "Deal," he snaps at the man at the head of the table who is holding the cards. For the next hour, he avoids eye contact. Not a quick look when my thigh unintentionally brushes up against his. Not a brief glance when I polish off my third sangria and become slightly more animated in my victories. Not ev

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