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🖤 ☠️ C O V E R  R E V E A L ☠️ 🖤


Buckle up and get ready to fall for a bad boy! 


I’ve teamed up with twenty-two USA Today and Amazon Bestselling authors to bring you a brand-new, exclusive Anti-hero Romance collection.


DANGEROUS AS SIN: An Anti-Hero Romance Anthology


When you love a villain, do you become one too?

In a world of black and white, the gray in between just got more inviting.

Laws are easily broken when you know how to bend them to your will, and so are we at the hands of these dangerous as sin men.

Would you rather sacrifice yourself to save the world, or watch as the man before you destroys everything in his path to claim what is his… you?

No one prepared us for this. No one could have predicted it.

Monsters are determined by the eyes of the beholder, and in our case, all we see is desire.

Dangerous as Sin is a box set of twenty brand-new and exclusive novellas, taking us on an adventure of falling for the anti-hero, one stuttering breath at a time.

Grab this limited-edition collection before it’s gone forever!





Participating Authors


L.K. Shaw

Sandy Alvarez & Crystal Daniels

N.J. Adel

Lily Wildhart

Luna Pierce

Simone Leigh

Shani Greene-Dowdell & M’Renee Allen

Scarlett Finn

Rae B. Lake

Charmaine Louise Shelton

Michele Mannon

R.A. Smyth

Emma Bray

Bella Faust

KC Kean

Tiffany Carby

Cathleen Cole & Frank Jensen

Molly Shelby

Elizabeth York



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