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They call him a bastard out of respect, out of fear. A name earned by building an empire on the bodies of his enemies. Hayden’s a ruthlessly cold, calculating, unpredictable CEO of hit men. He's also my past, my heart, my pain.


And now he’s sent for me.


What does he want after all this time? It’s not like I can forget what he’s done or forgive him for what he’s become. The scars on my stomach a constant reminder of the fine line we’ve drawn between love and hate.


Yet despite my own sense of self-preservation, despite how terrifyingly dangerous the man before me now is, I find the old feelings stirring within me.


I’ve loved him my entire life.


But can I survive him this time around?   


Series: Deadliest Lies 
Release Date: March 22, 2018

Professional is book five in the series DEADLIEST LIES. It is a standalone romance.