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The conclusion of Hayden and Luciana's story and the final Deadliest Lies novel.

I fell in love with a killer.

And now he’s sent for me.

Hayden’s the ruthlessly cold, calculating, unpredictable CEO of hitmen. A man who built his underground empire on the backbones of his enemies. My past. My pain.

What does he want after all this time? I can’t forget what he’s done or forgive him for what he’s become. The scars on my stomach are a constant reminder of the fine line we’ve drawn between love and hate.

Yet despite my own self-preservation—how terrifyingly dangerous the man before me now is—I find my old feelings for him stirring within me.

I’ve loved him my entire life.

But can I survive him this time around?



Series: A Deadliest Lies Novel
Release Date: February, 2021

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