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Newsletter Subscriber ~ Bonus Giveaway

CONTEST CLOSED ~ THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO ENTERED. Winners names are listed below by the book they've won. Please e:mail me your e:mail address so I can send you a book! Thanks again. Michele


Thank you for being part of my story and subscribing to my newsletter. To show my appreciation, I'm giving away one copy of each of my books.

KNOCK OUT - Shari Hoffman Henriksen

TAP OUT - Ginger Connatser

OUT FOR THE COUNT - Catherine Ojalvo

ROGUE - Linda Rea

MERCENARY - Virginia Ivey

HIT MAN - Amber DiGangi

Six lucky winners will be selected (one book each)! To enter is simple: Leave a comment at the end of this post.

CONTEST WILL RUN UNTIL JUNE 15th and six winners will be selected then.

If you haven't subscribed and would like to participate, please click here:

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