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Player (Book 4 Deadliest Lies)- unofficial blurb

He plays the victim so well…

Mercenary Finn McDuff spies on his targets with a masterfully smooth, subdued and seemingly clueless efficiency. He’s hot on the trail of an uranium shipment and assigned the task of discovering the buyers its earmarked for. Yet to do so, he must infiltrate the middleman, the Irish mob in Cork. By all pretenses, its an assignment McDuff was born to do. Except he wasn’t banking on being tailed, especially not by the beautiful woman from his recent highly-enjoyable, one-night stand.

She has something to prove…

Clarissa Kensingworth has a talent for digging up trouble, a useful skill for an investigative reporter one step away from breaking her biggest story yet. She seduces and tips off a CIA agent, Finn McDuff, but it blows up in her face. Not only is McDuff the worst hook up of her life, he’s one big not-CIA-at-all liar.

Forced to resort to plan B, Clarissa stows away on a ship full of uranium...and McDuff. When Clarissa finally learns his real identity, the two become a part of a story that’s bigger, broader, deadlier than either of them ever imagined.

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